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Here is some vital information that you need to know...

From 1988 to 1993 Madisons was the only place to rock in Edinburgh.

It's more than ten years since it closed and the first Madisons Rock Night reunion in 2003 celebrated the 10th anniversary of it's demise. Madisons in 2004 again rocked in classic style but we think that we need to party all over again as it was brilliant fun the last time catching up with old faces, boozing and grooving to quality rock tunes! The feedback we received was overwhelmingly in favour of having another bash and should this year be another success then we'd like to make it a twice yearly event!

We went back to the Late Eighties and Early Nineties for a night of classic rock, metal and glam tunes from that era. The music was and always will be only from that time and hopefully the clothes, hair do's and make-up will follow suit!

We dropped the silly session at Madisons 2004 because as not only did it clear the dance floor in 2003 but it gave more than a few of you serious headaches plus it meant that we had three quality tunes less to saviour. If you really feel that the silly session should be included in this years play lists please let us know by voicing your concerns on the chat rooms! Maybe it will make a come back if we manage to do Madisons every 6 months - who knows!

So come along dressed however you like, but it would be great if you turn up dressed the part! We certainly will be!

Yet again we are delighted to announce that the original DJ's will be spinning the decks on the night !!!!

Dave Double-Decks, Mark Miller, Ian Sutherland and Mark Ritchie and maybe a few other guest DJs are looking forward to helping us Bang our Heads and Strut our Stuff in true Madisons style!

For a list of some of the bands that you can expect to hear on the night please check out the Play List.

We've managed to gather a few photos of the Original Madisons nights and of last year event in the gallery but if you want to add yours to the list now or after the event, then scan them and send them in! We'll use them to complete the big picture if we don't run out of web space. Please don't send your original picture as we cant guarantee that they will be returned.

If you like what you see then please get yourself a ticket here

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